First Day, New Job, Not Really Feeling New Boy!

New job!  Lept at the chance to start asap, offer in the Box last thursday, start Monday 9am.

This was a strange one because it was an open Application on spec through someone I knew, but then they advertised a more senior position and finally they decided to right-size it for me as the guy in pole position to get on With the operative side – asap.

Now I feel actually like I have had more like five or more years in the game in terms of at least the data system and also the general lay of the land With steel Production both internally, partial Assembly externally, Components and perhaps fully outsourced Product.

People were affable and a bit laid back. For once I remembered people’s names after first introduction. A good deal of nerves and stressing are out of the Picture because I have the Foundations of being able to cope With the job and run the operations eventually on auto-pilot, but also because this is a local job With prospects and permanency. So there is none of that running around finding digs to live away in, having to worry about cash flow With establishing that and also if it is sustainable.

So best foot out, not trying too hard, but showing I have earned my spurs from before. It all fits in. 30 mins max each way. Good enough pay for a local job. It is even half way to my favourite ski tracks and mountain biking training route. Be very much what I have been waiting for, and it must be said have made a lot of sacrifice towards before in time. In the six and a half years I have lived here out in the sticks I have not come near an offer anything like this. It pays to be in the woodwork here, even as a Foreign Worm screwing their own hole, because you are a known quantity who can survive ‘liv på bygda’ ie living in the sticks.

In many ways I am avoiding the mid life crisis and holding on to being a youngster developing himself, while all the time being able to bear more on my shoulders as a father and an ex-pat in Norway.