Easter Already ?…

The last patch of snow on thr lawn melted away and the sun shone until long after 5pm. Mildness. A ‘green winter’ as they say here. Early spring. Easter already?

We could well have new snow, but now the bases are thinning so it may not last if it comes. Dust off the mountain bike? Try skikes ?

Last night i took a ratherr frustraing tour on skate skis at Kleivvann, 20 mins drive from work in inner-Gjerstad.
I had wanted to do the long, snaking downhill to Hekketjenn. I got to the top of the descent and ploughed to the 90′ turn off onto the side route, but the skis jitterred around so much that i knew there would be no safe way to brake if i took on too much speed.
So i turned heels and practiced padling on concrete like snow, which was difficult with the inconsistency in glide, pole planting and edge. I ploughed eventually down the the gapahuk and took off up the long hilll to the other eastern route.
Plenty norwwegians appeared on skjatin skis and seemed tonbe enjoying padling up hill with ease, while i would get moments of inspiration ans rythm followed by loss of traction!

I had some blinding good moments, so i guess the thing is to slow it down and do timed little snippits of max concentration followed by relaxation. Mental intervals! Perhaps even beginning at 30 second on my count down alarm. Then also a lot without poles on light gradients and flat sections.

Whether or not i get to practice that this year is another question, i’d give two to one odds against snow within an hour of home before spring.