End of season….how many times Æ

Tonight was the last skitur of at least the lowland season. It had to be about the fourth time i have taken a last this year trip! Funny thing is that water freezes at zero degrees and a pile of snow on the ground works like an open topped supermarket freezer.

My grip tape was almost worn off, but just enough remained to render it to an excellent base-binder which it turned out to be. Universal clister in the oven at 50, on the skis and cooled off in time for packing away. It only lasted about 10km today, but that was in part due to my decision to plough brake down all the steepest hills.

Østertjenn was conquered, wet easter,  old snow, and so maybe the big old downhill to Hekketjenn was sof enough for a safe descent?

The descent polished a good deal of clister off as i ploughed down it to avoid any sudden surprises like bare patches or sheet ice, or tramlines which suddenly go wonky, often where fthe machine has stalled a bit or where the waffen SS, skateski, kids have made nasty little points sections Clapham junction would be proud of, only they lead to ditches. ,trees and general derailments. Jump points as they call them on t’railway ,there to derail a runaway train. Indeed…

A spot more clister needed but I could be a bit wiser now than to just slap a pile on. The hill up is steep but you can kick nearly all of it. A judicious dab of clister forward of the toes and a little mid sole and i had traction like a gresley pacific pulling out of King’s Cross. Also good glide on the less steep sections.

All this was a bit of a revelation. Firstly clister on a far shorter length, about 10cm less than hard wax. On top of start grip tape. A couple of strategic inches of clister and i saved the toughest kicking up hill from being a “labbing” walk.

47 this year. Hell’s tits…..but i am still like a kid learning the joy of a new skill.