Season Take Out , XC skiing 2015

Sitting here watching the 50k’ at the World’s, live from Falun. In a week there, they have had everything thrown at them in terms of weather and resulting snow conditions. A week of highs and lows for the favourites. For me my season amounted to about a week’s worth- 10 tours averaging an hour and a half effective each one.

Half of those tours were on skating skis. This was in outset just a bargain i couldnt miss, and since i have longish carbon poles and combi boots it was just a little temporary dint in my visa card. It could be interpeted as a distraction, trying to reinvent the wheel before perfecting the classic model, or even making it less oval and more rounded! But it has forced me to become more agile on skis, especially with ski -weight commitment, step turning and balance on one ski.

Classic tours have been by in large with excellent waxing and as mentioned grip-tape on friday being most satisfactory in the most difficult, hard, abrasive, variable conditions.

Northug wins on a fantastic sprint! Double pole deluxe. That is one thing which has improved for me this year, and shown me that my tour skis are not much cop. My skate skis are killer for double poling. So skinnier skis for classic too next year.