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Disarray for the Left Wing…oh, and for the Right

Just where does Jeremy Corbyn stand on the EU? Why are so many Scots liberal intelligentsia and leftist media hacks anti SNP? Why are the Populist Parties not very popular? And just what will happen with or rather after Brexit?

Well well what about this left wing self appointed intelligentsia , the jockluminatae, why are they so against independence? Simply because they cannot abhore the SNP. THey have a long history of aligning with Labour or trying to get Labour to be more Marxist through Militant and some branch parties, from within. The SNP were always the vote spoilers for them, the english haters, the NATIONALISTS. Ooh a dirty word, And it is, even the FM said she wished sometimes the party had dropped the National label, which sits uneasily with a long history of nasty right and now the BNP darn sarff.

Many of these self same pro Uk lefitsts support celtic and are quietly for a united Ireland. Others hate tories to death. Some want to see the defeat of xenophobia and class distinction while swallowing academies in England and fringe privatisation of the health service. What they want is to beat the SNP first then take on the evils of capitalism with an army of 50 Labour MPs from north of the border once again on their flanks. Meanwhile the Uk is falling into a xenophobic, isolationist dystopia. Rather than heave Scotland out, they woudl rather see it all sink. It is a bit like the Keiser’s strategy for the first world war / defeat the enemy in the bnorth to achieve victory in the empire as a whole.

The fact is that politics is bound inexorably up in faith, For the liberal intelligentsia of both the liberal left and the ‘neo liberal’ right, the EU in particular has often been part of that faith. It is then difficult for people to break with faith, to change religion or to challenge orthodoxy and perceived wisdom. Some common denominators reign, and often within parties they were to the extreme of what they would want the public to think. Militants and marxist lenninist nationalisers in Labour, CNDers in the Lib Dems, and “nig nog” callers in the tweedy conservative clubs of Scotland.

This has been a big issuiie witjh the act of faith many undertook in the 1990s. The two camps of the Tory party bubbled away but by in large they remained as a majority pro EU, until Johnny Cameron had a wheeze to silence the critics ‘forever’ and win a new, negotiated, anti federal EU versus the once and for all referendum. If he hadn’t had a refugee crisis and a failing home economic policy then he could have pulled it off, and the EuroSceptics , sorry Patriots, would have been sent back to grumbling, and Nigel Farage would have been delighted to be an eternal moaner instead of having to come up with policies or real, hard facts and trade deals.

The trouble with the EU is that it is boring, It presides post EEC, over labels and food safety, rises in nut and bolt threads, hardness of steel, fat content of sausages and signage of roads. It has moved from being a post war political mechanism for stability and feeding the masses with cheap food and wine, to being essentially a marketist meta democratic organ. Now the Tories on their back end benches, would have been happy with all tha bo ve and keeping the public in the dark, b ut for the so called ‘social chapter. Here we speak of the more liberal regulations on evening out the workforce, with terrible federal things like the maxsimum 48 hr week, materinity leave, and compulsory employer contirbutuion pensions. ooh, a modern economy cant afford for workers free time, babies or retirement! The point being tha the EU is its own biggest market, and if labour is not treated like slaves, as the Tories would have it, untaxesd Serfs free from big governhment and working hours legislation to enjoy the benefits of a fully .capitalist economy, then you get fluctuations in where companies invest to avoid the on costs or to exploit labourt more. But conservatives have always been pro explotiuation and pro reducing labour costs, so for many in their over priviliged ranks, meddling with labour policy and the right to extend slavery for bigger profits was loose metal in their gears.

The marketist nature of the EU is nothing the at NEw Labour or Cameronian Tory politics want to escape. Corbyn ius unsure. He has been EU sceptic before, allegedly, and now perhaps he sees an opportunity to win back working class seats or swing some marginals wutggh disgruntled proles over to the Red. His speaches have been ambivalent, and he is playing perhaps a game of let the tories fal on their own sword rahter than have policies that the tories can belittle.

The Scottish liberal intelligentsia basically have big mortgages to live in the ‘hipster cool’ appartment areas, or to have their hooses in the ‘burbs in which to breed new wee pro Uk lefites. They are thirty five to sixty five, somwehat influential and in love with their positions in the media or state which along with those mortgages, could look sjkhakey under indyref 2. The risk of Independence is far greater than the risk of far right Tory nationalism, to their comfy lives. Better blue than dead, Better to hum the international and hope for a collapse of captialism in which they can swing into action, than let the ‘nasty seperatists’ take economic power.